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Chicago Business Dispute Attorney

Chicago Business Dispute Attorney
When you have a business dispute regardless of how simple or complex it may seem that's a good idea to talk to an accomplished corporate litigation attorney.

Business Disputes

When you have a business dispute regardless of how simple or complex it may seem that's a good idea to talk to an accomplished corporate litigation attorney.

Business Dispute Attorney – Chicago, IL

Operating a business is a complicated undertaking involving interactions with many different parties. Employees, vendors, landlords, clients, other businesses, partners, and others all bring their own unique set of issues into the mix. When you have a business dispute—regardless of how simple or complex it may seem—it’s a good idea to talk to an accomplished corporate litigation attorney.

What is a business dispute?

A business dispute is essentially any issue that touches upon the existence, operation, or assets / liabilities of your business. There are a broad range of issues that can arise when you operate a business, and we are here to help. Business dispute matters include—but are certainly not limited to—these common matters:

Real estate issues

One of the most valuable assets that many businesses own or have an interest in is the real property upon which the business sits or holds. The sale of real property is among the most complex of transactions due to the numerous statutory and regulatory requirements involved in the sale or lease of land.

We are here to help you make any purchases or sales that your business needs. In addition, we are able to assist in negotiating lease or rental agreements, engaging in the necessary licensing issues if applicable so that you may use a given piece of real property for a specific purpose, and so on.

Mistakes in real estate issues can be extremely costly to fix and can even involve forcing a business to relocate operations in certain situations. The best way to prevent this from happening is to seek the assistance of qualified legal counsel at every phase of the process. Give us a call today and we will be happy to step in and guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Franchise or licensing disputes

Sometimes the license under which a business is operating is the most valuable part of the business. For example, a certain fast-food store may only be able to generate a certain level of sales, but if a nationally-recognized logo is placed on the sign outside the store the sales may double, triple, or even quadruple. This demonstrates the power of franchising a brand and the value that a brand can bring to an operation.

Sometimes an issue may arise wherein the parties to a franchise or licensing agreement are at odds about what things may or may not be done by the licensee. Sometimes the franchisor—the party which gives the franchisee permission to operate under the franchisor’s name—may decide to try to force the franchisee to relinquish the license for which it has paid. Other times, the franchisee may engage in questionable business practices that legitimately damage the franchisor’s brand.

In both situations, the advice of an experienced attorney can assist the parties in resolving the matter with a minimal amount of time and expense in litigation. Franchise and licensing agreements can be highly technical; if you need assistance drafting or enforcing such an agreement we are here to help you!

Non-compete agreements

If you have ever been a party to a non-compete agreement—an agreement whereby a party agrees to refrain from competing with a business for a certain amount of time in exchange for something (usually training)—then you know all the areas where such an agreement could become the grounds for litigation.

If you need help enforcing a non-compete agreement, we can help. Likewise, if you need to draft a non-compete agreement in order to protect your interests, we are here to help. We have years of experience in a wide variety of corporate law matters including drafting and enforcing non-compete agreements. We’re here to help, so just give us a call.

Patent and intellectual property

If someone has stolen your idea or process then you know that—even though the thing stolen may be intangible—the harm you suffer is very real. In such an event you need a qualified attorney to assist you in determining your best course of action. Whether you will attempt to force the party who has stolen your idea to stop using it, or whether you will ask for an award of damages, having a qualified business dispute attorney on your side is an invaluable tool in the process. We’re here to help you protect your ideas and intellectual property, so don’t hesitate to call.

Capital disposition

A business that is in the process of divesting or liquidating some or all of its assets will invariably run into legal issues and questions. If this is your situation we are here to help you take the correct steps to divest the capital you have determined should be liquidated.


Whether you need assistance in untangling a thorny legal issue or help in determining the best strategy to pursue in a given circumstance, Gentleman Law can help. We’re here to assist you with all your business disputes, and we are here to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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