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Legal Malpractice, Breach of Contract, Business and Commercial Litigation Law in Chicago and throughout  Ilinois

Sharp legal acumen and tenacious representation when you need it most

Protecting Your Business is Our Business

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We Take on the Tough Cases that Other Attorneys are Unwilling to Take

Sharp legal acumen and tenacious representation when you need it most.

Chicago legal malpractice attorney

Since its inception in 1998, Gentleman Law has focused its practice on issues involving legal malpractice, breach of contract law, family business disputes, commercial and business litigation and other complicated litigation matters. Gentleman Law is not afraid to face any legal challenge and routinely takes on cases that other law firms refuse to handle.

Protecting Your Business is Our Business

At Gentleman Law, we understand what it takes to build a successful business. Since 1998, we’ve been helping businesses protect their interests from start to finish. From business formation and drafting of contracts to commercial litigation and legal malpractice claims, our law firm is here to help your company:

incorporate in Chicago lawyer

Incorporate or form a partnership or other business entity

liability lawyer in Chicago

Minimize liability by planning your legal strategy up-front

contracts lawyer in chicago

Draft contracts and other documents that protect your interests

collection attorney chicago

Collect what you’re owed. Leverage the law to your benefit

incorporate in Chicago lawyer

Enforce your contracts and protect your interests before you lose them

liability lawyer in Chicago

Litigate your claims and those against you with a seasoned trial lawyer

contracts lawyer in chicago

Pursue legal malpractice claims when your attorney makes a mistake

collection attorney chicago

Give yourself the best chance for a favorable legal resolution

The Business Law Firm You Need

Your business is founded on your expertise and that of your team. Your expertise in management or manufacturing or gourmet cooking however, won’t help you build a strong legal entity that will support your operations and protect your rights. For that, you look to professionals who are as passionate about business law and commercial litigation as you are about your business. Joseph Gentleman is dedicated to providing the innovative solutions and aggressive representation you need to protect, maintain and grow your business.

Business Formation

The first step toward building a business is among the most complex. Would your business operate best as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company or a corporation? If you have reason to incorporate, which type of corporation is the best fit for your organization? Attorney Joseph Gentleman can help you answer those questions and then provide the legal knowledge and experience necessary to create the appropriate entity.

Operating Your Business

Legal considerations and documents are a part of the regular operations of most businesses. Whether you need a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement for new employees, need a contract drafted or reviewed as you establish relationships with clients, vendors, or sub-contractors, or need to enforce the terms of a contract, a seasoned business lawyer can be your greatest ally.

Commercial Litigation

No matter how well-prepared you are and how dutifully you fulfill your business obligations, disputes arise. Whether you’re defending against claims made by a third party or you must resort to litigation to assert your rights, the right lawyer by your side can ease the burden on your business and give you the best chance for a favorable resolution.

Legal Malpractice

You rely on your attorney to pursue claims on your behalf or perform legal services adequately but when that lawyer makes a mistake or simply fails to act on your behalf, it can be costly in more ways than one. It can be difficult to find an attorney who will truly fight for the relief you deserve against your attorney so it is important to find an attorney who has experience pursuing legal malpractice cases against your attorney. Joseph Gentleman has over 20 years suing all types of attorneys for legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty and other claims and he is considered a Super Lawyer in the area and has been rated preeminent AV by Martindale Hubble. You must act fact because you only have 2 years from the time the attorney made the mistake to file a lawsuit against an attorney so if you think your attorney made a mistake or you did not obtain the result you thought you would obtain, please do not delay and contact an attorney immediately.

Get to Know Our Law Firm for Free

Finding the right attorney for your law firm matters. You must be comfortable with the attorney and his expertise, be able to leave sensitive matters in his hands and feel confident that you and your business are protected. That’s why Joseph Gentleman offers free consultations until he can determine if you actually have a viable case or he can provide the legal services sought. Schedule an appointment today to meet with Joseph Gentleman and learn more about what he has to offer you personally or your business.

Meet Joseph T. Gentleman

Legal Malpractice, Breach of Contract and Business Litigation Attorney

Joseph T. Gentleman

Joseph T. Gentleman

A native of Oak Forest, Illinois, Joseph Gentleman is dedicated to serving clients throughout the Chicagoland area and most of Illinois. Raised by successful parents, his father an entrepreneur and his mother CFO of the family business, Mr. Gentleman graduated from Northwestern University. After college, Mr. Gentleman attended The John Marshall Law School because of its renowned trial advocacy program and its excellent reputation for creating the finest plaintiff trial lawyers in the area. While attending law school, Mr. Gentleman was invited to become a member of the prestigious John Marshall Law Review and his thesis addressed the use of synonyms to protect the identity of certain plaintiffs in highly sensitive lawsuits. After practicing law for many years, Mr Gentleman received the highest honor an attorney can achieve when he was rated AV Preeminent in MartindaleHubble by opposing counsel and Judges presiding over his cases. Very few attorneys obtain such a distinction because it signifies that the attorney has the highest ethical integrity, professionalism and legal acumen in the eyes of Mr. Gentleman's opponents and Judges overseeing his cases. Mr Gentleman has also been considered a Super Lawyer numerous times.

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